Valerio Cosi

Italian-born composer Valerio Cosi is a multi-instrumentalist known for playing saxophone as his main instrument, blended with electronic textures. He is currently based in Italy, after some years spent in Berlin (Germany). He has played many venues and festivals like Museo Do Chiado (Lisbon), Dancity Festival (IT),
WORM (Rotterdam), SEI Festival (IT), Instants Chavires (FR), QBICO U-Nite, Macao (Milan), KRAAK (Belgium), Sottovoce (UK), etc. He was also invited by Dan Snaith to open for Caribou’s European Tour in 2008.

Starting as a drummer at a very young age and then incorporating his saxophone skills into his electronic works, Cosi released an endless stream of solo records and collaborations in the past two decades with several labels (Digitalis Industries, Porter Records, Last Visible Dog, Type, Preservation, Small Voices/A Silent
Place). His musical work sees him as a performer who mixes a rare blend of psychedelia, electronica and jazz with significant elements of krautrock, ethnic and industrial music. He runs his own imprint called Dreamsheep.
In 2014, he remixed the band Perth (along with Jay Watson from Tame Impala, Mei Saraswati, etc.) for Hidden Shoal Records. Lately he released a collaborative work with Brad Rose (FoxyDigitalis, Room40) called “Oriente Lux”.

Valerio has collaborated live with Steve Noble, Thollem McDonas, Bill Kouligas, Julie’s Haircut, Makoto Kawabata, Os Loosers, Ginevra Nervi, Midori Hirano, Jay Glass Dubs and more. His newest album “The Aqueduct Walk” has been released on Longform Editions in December 2023.