Play Rec In Off Vol.2 

29th November 2010, Officina delle Arti, Reggio Emilia

Vincenzo Vasi

Multi-Instrumentalist, surreal style composer, he plays bass, theremin, mallets, keyboard and voice. He’s considered one of the most eclectic musicians worldwide, his style spaces out touching many genres from experimental electronic to pop songs.
OTO + Virgilio Villoresi
PASSO A1 is an audio-visual project born in 2004 from the encounter between Marco Puccini aka OTO’s electronic music and the video of Virgilio Villoresi. The live-performance is played on the contrast and intersection of the languages in field. The musical structure delineates a path made of expanded melodies or break to become unusaul explosion of noise/8 bit, meanwhile the visual images chase or anticipate every single event, following a narrative and psychotic path made of animations realized by the video-maker with the stop frame tecnique or using abstract figures that remind the Brakhage, Ken Jacobs or Maya Deren aesthetic.
Since 1994 concerned with the relations between sound and image, sound and script, sound and literature, sound and space. Massimo Carozzi has created sound design for theatre, documentaries, short films, installations. He played and collaborated with Sinistri, 3/4HadBeenEliminated, Starfuckers, Andrea Belfi, Stefano Pilia, Margareth Kammerer, Emidio Clementi, El Muniria. In September 2000 he founded the group ZimmerFrei with Anna Rispoli and Anna de Manincor, realising theatrical events, installations, performance and video.
OTO // Live Set + Visual
OTO e’ un progetto che nasce dall’incontro tra Marco Puccini (Homework recs/black rec) e Virgilio Villoresi (noto VJ che ha collaborato con Minox, Tecnophonic Chamber Orchestra, Ether,Populous e l’ultimo video di Vinicio Capossela). Il loro suono e’ un ibrido tra glitch, idm, electro,minimalismo e ebm, mentre i video ricordano il cinema astratto di Brakhage, Harry Smith e Len Lye con squarci di film d’animazione in stop-motion.