Summer 2023

MINIPONY is an experimental metal project based in Ecuador, influenced by math, breakcore and latin music which mixes polyrhythmic structures with minimalist guitar riffs, and female growls.

The group consists of Amadeus Galiano (electric guitars) and Emilia Moncayo (vox/sampling/ noise), who joined forces in Bologna (Italy) back in 2012.
The couple initially created MINIPONY with the idea of putting together a thrash/ metal group, but instead evolved to something different stylistically. Complicated grooves along with “mental” and aggressive vocal lines result in a showcase of Latin-American rhythms in it most brutal form.
The project is essentially a cross with thrash, djent and experimental metal.



The group released a self-produced 3-song EP, as well as a self-produced music video in full stop-animation for “MilkWithSilk”, alongside Federico Giammattei, a renowned Italian photographer.

The music video receives favorable response from international artists like Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jens Kidman (Meshuggah), Justin Preston (The Locust), Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3) and others.

MINIPONY wrote and produced its first album with 8 unreleased tracks and at the beginning of 2017 drummer Carlos Sanchez joined the band, taking the live performance to a more professional level and with a more powerful sound.
In October 2017 MINIPONY releases its first album IMAGO, with the Italian record label Subsound The album was presented in the National Variety Theater of the city of Quito with a positive response from the public, achieving a sold-out show and performed at the most important festivals in Ecuador

such as: QuitoFest 2017, VAQ 2018 (Quito), Festival FFF 2017/2018 (Ambato), Winchu Festival 2017 (Portoviejo), Music Festival 2018 (Cuenca), Rock to the Terrace 2018 (Ambato) and traveled to Italy for a promotional tour getting a positive response from the public and European metal scene press such as, Legacy Magazine (DE), Rumore Magazine (ITA), Fireworks Magazine (United Kingdom) as well as important mentions in the Ecuadorian and Latin American press entities such as El Comercio, El Telégrafo, VICE Latinoamerica, Headbangers Latinoamerica, among others.

In the first months of 2018 the band presented the official video for its track ̈Elephants Walking Over Spiderwebs ̈ with an important concert at the Ecuadorian Rock Museum 1865 with a packed venue and a good reception from the public, helping MINIPONY position itself among the most respected bands in the new scene of metal and Ecuadorian alternative music.

On 2019 MINIPONY recorded its new album ●AJNA● in Silver Cord Studios (Brooklyn, NY) from Joe Duplantier (Gojira) and was released in July 2022 and now it’s placed as one of the most powerful albums of the Latin American music scene and performed in the most important festivals of Latin America such as “HELL & HEAVEN OPEN AIR” of México, sharing stage with Slipknot, Pantera, Kiss, Megadeth among others.


“MINIPONY has no barriers and plays with extreme sound in a way that few metal bands dare.” VICE-NOISEY

“This duo is cranking out some seriously interesting
and convulsion-inducing music…
Imago is a groove-ridden, energetic thrill ride designed to keep you guessing without ever losing your undivided attention.” METALTRENCHES

“… an album of 10 songs full of energy and high level of performance.”

“…Imago, represents a perfect mixture of Thrash Metal, Djent and Experimental.”

“An album like this shows how much unexplored potential still exists in heavy music.” METALEYES (Italy)

“They are only in two but they give off an intense primordial energy.”

“One of the most important exponents of the crystallization of post-metal.”
RUMORE (Italy)

“Imago is an excellent debut for a project that could still have a lot to say.”

“…an eclectic, experimental and vigorous proposal that impacts all senses”

“A short film, opens the artistic mind, I see a magical love there.”
ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY about MilkWhithSilk video