Il Sogno Del Marinaio, the avant-rock trio formed by legendary bassist mike watt (The Minutemen, Firehose, Iggy And The Stooges), cult Italian experimentalist Stefano Pilia (Massimo Volume, In Zaire, Afterhours, Rokia Traore) and drummer Paolo Mongardi (ZEUS, FUZZ ORCHESTRA, Fulkanelli) announces today their third album Terzo and reveals EU/UK tour dates. Terzo is out on May 3rd 2024 on Improved Sequence. and it is an incredible document of a band that’s creating their own path, ascending to new heights while bending the traditional rock format. From sinewy grooves, to off-kilter jazz-skronk, post-punk freakouts, kosmische Hendrix stabs and furious angular funk, Il Sogno Del Marinaio’s new album literally breathes life, anchored by Watt’s low thud and spiel, Pilia’s fierce and celestial playing and Mongardi’s knack for unusual but steady rhythms.

Label: Improved Sequence
EU/UK Tour: Swamp Booking
Italian tour by: Scarry Monster Booking

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15/05/2024 IT Fano Bagni Elsa Nº3
16/05/2024 IT Pescara Scumm
17/05/2024 IT Napoli Auditorium Novecento
18/05/2024 IT Roma Forte Prenestino
19/05/2024 IT Bologna TPO
20/05/2024 IT Milano Arci Bellezza
21/05/2024 IT Prato Orto Sonoro Santa Valvola
22/05/2024 IT Vicenza Fornace Estiva
23/05/2024 HR Zagreb Vintage Industrial Bar
24/05/2024 SRB Belgrade Elektropionir
25/05/2024 AT Graz PPC Bar
26/05/2024 IT Staranzano DobiaLab
27/05/2024 AT Wien Chelsea
28/05/2024 CZ Brno Kabinet Muz
29/05/2024 CZ Prague Meet Factory
30/05/2024 DE Hamburg Hafenklang
31/05/2024 NL Dordrecht DS
17 01/06/2024 BE Antwerp Blikfabriek
02/06/2024 UK London Cafe Oto
03/06/2024 UK Colchester Colchester Arts Centre
06/06/2024 Ireland Kinsale Prim’s
07/06/2024 Ireland Dublin Grand Social
08/06/2024 Ireland Letterkenny RCC
09/06/2024 UK Glasgow The Hug and Pint
10/06/2024 UK Newcastle Cluny
11/06/2024 UK Brighton Green Door
12/06/2024 BE Charleroi Le Vecteur
13/06/2024 FR Paris Supersonic
14/06/2024 CH Winterthur Kraftfeld
15/06/2024 DE Villingen MPS Studio

Stefano Pilla and Mike Watt first met in 2005 while Watt was on tour in Italy with Raul Morales and Paul Roessler.

Pilla was acting as a road manager for the three musicians. Pilla and Watt kept in contact and, later in November 2009, Pilla invited Watt to Florence where Pilla introduced Watt to his friend, drummer Andrea Belfi. Watt decided to name the trio “Il Sogno del Marinaio”, which translates to “The Sailor’s Dream”. Watt chose an italian name in honour of his mother’s and band member’s italian heritage as well as his father’s maritime service as a sailor.

The band began a short tour of Italy almost immediately after its formation, and recorded its debut album “La busta Gialla” between shows only a week after the band’s inception […] After the second album “Canto Secondo” (2014) and several tour in Europe and US, in 2017, Belfi decides to leave the band to devote himself to his solo project. Paolo Mongardi has replaced him on drums sailing for the “Nuovo Spirito Tour 2017″…