From 70s prog to early 00s breakcore, Liverpool’s BARBEROS create polyrhythmic danceable noise infus


Barberos are a progressive electronic / noise trio from Liverpool UK.
They communicate their poly-rhythmic, tribal, math-jazz-core with their line up of two drummers, synthesizers and effected vocals. They first performed in late 2008 and since then have been touring relentlessly throughout the UK, Western Europe, Skandinavia, The Baltics and Russia. Barberos’ members have been involved over the last few years in a vast number of musical projects, including Stig Noise, a.P.A.t.T., Stealing Sheep, Union Jacques, running Wet Room bookings and co running UPITUP Records. So far, they have have shared the stage with the likes of Charles Hayward (This Heat), Melt Banana, Kayo Dot, Dalek, Tim Exile, Liars, Capillary Action, PoiL, Action Beat, Ruins Alone, to mention just a few.

Last release:

2016 BARBEROS “Barberos” LP/CD (Offset)


Past gigs

23 November 2018 @ RaindogsHouse – Savona
24 November 2018 @ Offsetfest2018 c/o Magazzino sul Po – Torino
25 November 2018 @ Reasonanz – Loreto
28 November 2018 @ Officine Giovani – Prato
29 November 2018 @ Corte dei Miracoli – Siena
30 November 2018 @ MAT Terlizi (BA)
1 December 2018 @ Clandestino – Faenza

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