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Ahleuchatistas (pronounced AH LOO CHA TEES TAS) is the brainchild of guitarist and composer Shane Perlowin, who founded the project in 2002 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Since its inception, the band has released five critically acclaimed full-length albums and has toured North America and Europe extensively.

The current lineup consists of Perlowin and drummer Ryan Oslance.

The two joined forces in Spring of 2008, and have developed a brilliantly colorful palette together and an uncanny psychic interplay.

Together, they create mesmerizing walls of sound, impressionistic textures, intricate unison lines, tightly-honed motifs and disciplined, shape-shifting arrangements, tempered by a penchant for thoughtful thematic development.

There are elements of punk, jazz, classical music, noise, African music, electronic music, speed metal, grindcore, prog rock, ambient music and explosive improvisation flowing organically in and out of the mix.

With a devoted international cult following, Ahleuchatistas is considered by some to be one of the most innovative and evolving instrumental groups of the past decade.